Privacy Policy


SMS Fusion (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) imposes the instant Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) for the regulation of the collection, use and disclosure of any information obtained from Users of its websites (hereinafter referred to as “Users”). Users acknowledge that any information garnered by the Company’s websites, affiliates, employees and representatives, are the exclusive property of the Company. Users further agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions, in their transactions with the Company:


Prior to accessing the Company’s websites, Users shall provide their name, residential address, phone number, email address and other contact information which the Company may require. The said information may be used by the Company to contact Users in the general course of business.


Access to the Company’s websites, products and services are limited to persons who are 13 years of age and above. The Company undertakes to dispose of any information acquired from Persons who are below the age of 13, immediately upon notice of the said fact.


Users hereby consent to have their information collected by the Company while accessing the latter’s websites or utilizing its products and services. Users further concede to the Company’s right to document the said information in any manner deemed appropriate by the latter.


The Company reserves the right to use any information or data received pursuant to this Privacy Policy, in the general course of its business and for any other purpose necessary to the foregoing.


The Company shall protect Users’ information from any unauthorized access, utilization, or processing of the same. The Company further guarantees the imposition of necessary safeguards against any loss, damage or destruction of the said information, such as firewalls, anti-virus systems, network sniffers, encrypted transmissions and other security measures.


Users hereby authorize the Company to engage authorized third parties to track and analyze the usage of information in the Company’s systems. Users consent to the use of cookies by the said third persons for the said purpose. The Company warrants that any data collected pursuant to this provision will not be subject to unauthorized disclosures.


The Company reserves the right to reduce data received pursuant to this Policy, to anonymous and aggregate forms. Accordingly, the Company undertakes to limit its use of Anonymous Data described herein to the performance of Analyses. The Company further reserves the right to disclose the said Anonymous Data to third persons, if required by law or contract.


The Company reserves the right to employ third party Data Processors to assist in the management and interpretation of Users’ information. The Company will not verify the identity of Data Subjects who intend to access their Personal Data. However, unless otherwise instructed by Users or customers, the Company may allow a Data Subject to access Personal Data if the latter establishes to the Company’s satisfaction that the applicable Data Comptroller was refused access to the same. The Company further reserves the right to act as an independent Data Controller, in accordance with applicable Australian and European Laws, with respect to information that is necessary for the general course of business.


The Company, through its client support portal may verify a User’s identity by requiring the latter to provide personal information. The said information may include but is not limited to Users’ contact details.


Users who participate in any blog or forum offered by the Company, are advised that they may be identified through their User ID. The said User ID will be publicly displayed and associated with content originating from the participating User. Users are therefore warned that they are solely liable for any consequences arising out of their participation in the Company’s blog or forum.


1. The Company undertakes to obtain the consent of Users before information is collected from the latter’s wireless carriers and operators. The said consent may be obtained by Users’ act of “opting in” through the said carriers and operators. The Company warrants that the said information is governed by the instant Privacy Policy and any other conditions imposed by the carriers and operators referred to herein;
2. The Company reserves the right to collect information from any document submitted by the Users to the Company or any of its authorized representatives.


Users may receive newsletters and notices from the Company through their e-mail addresses on record with the latter. Users may choose not to receive the same by utilizing the “Opt-Out” button, which will be made available by the Company.


Users may prevent the Company’s use of their information for business purposes by opting out from the same. For this purpose, the Company will provide Users with an “opt-out” button when they receive notices of Newsletters or other communications from the Company. Users will also be allowed to e-mail the company concerning the said matter at [email protected].


The Company reserves the right to send Users service-related announcements at its discretion. In the event that the Company sends these service-related announcements, Users may not be allowed to refuse receipt of the same.


The Company undertakes to respond to Users’ customer service inquiries, and to provide the services required by Users or those necessary for the management of their accounts.


The Company undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of information obtained pursuant to this Policy. The Company will therefore prevent the unauthorized disclosure of the said information to third parties, for whatever purpose, unless required by law, a valid court order or judicial proceeding.


The Company undertakes to abide by the privacy laws of the European Union, with regard to Users from the said region. The Company further undertakes to comply with relevant domestic and international laws concerning the privacy of persons and information that are applicable to Australia.


The Company reserves the right to disclose Users’ information to any of its local or international affiliates for legitimate business purposes. The Company warrants that its Affiliates will respect Users’ rights under this Policy.


The Company reserves the right to amend the instant Policy at any time. Users are advised to regularly review the said Policy so they may be apprised of any changes to the same. The Company will publish any revisions made to the Policy in its websites and other places it deems appropriate. Any revisions made shall be valid and binding, after thirty (30) days from its publication in the Website. However, the said revisions are immediately applicable to persons and other legal entities who have become Users of the websites, after the revisions were made.


The Company warrants that should it become party to any valid merger or acquisition agreement, the surviving corporation will abide by the provisions of the instant Privacy Policy.


Users are advised that the instant Privacy Policy is only applicable to their transactions with the Company and the latter’s employees and authorized representatives. The Company does not guarantee the protection of Users’ privacy in their utilization of other products and services, which are transmitted to the Company’s websites.


Users who wish to update or correct information provided to the Company, or who have inquiries concerning any matter discussed above may contact the Company at: [email protected].
Users may also proceed to the Contact Us link on this website. The Company will exert reasonable efforts to address the said concerns.

Revised March 29, 2017