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Group SMS for People Management

Manage your teams no matter where they are

Whether your team is large or small, an open line of communication should always be available. Most businesses rely solely on emails for internal affairs, however throughout the day inboxes become quite cluttered. When clutter forms, people start to feel the pinch.

The reason why Group SMS is so helpful, is that people know what to expect from it. Firstly, it all boils down to time. Text messages have a fast open rate, because people know it's easy to consume. There's also no fluff in an SMS, because there's no room for it. Secondly, since the roots of text messaging are based off of casual communications, teams generally feel more inclined to participate. This takes the intimidation factor away, and gives members a way to contribute without needing to overthink.

For People on the Run

Text messages are reliable for people on the run, since it doesn't rely on a data connection. This is perfect for communicating with your outbound sales team, or while trying to contact your on-site construction manager. You can also check your SMS delivery report to see if your recipient has received your message.

Remember, you shouldn't need to enforce internal lines of communication. Your team should want to openly collaborate. A Group SMS chat will be a great way to get started. This gives your team something familiar, quick, and easy to use.

Our Clients

Helensvale Hornets JRLFC (Sports)

Sometimes you need to split your teams into multiple group SMS chats. When the head coach needs to contact a specific group, all they need to do is type in the corresponding keyword before the actual message. Here's an example how the keyword SENIORS would be used.

In the Hornet's case, they have multiple members on their coaching staff which need to manage different group chats. Since everyone on the coaching staff needs admin privileges, they can be authorised to the same virtual number.

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