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SMS Alerts

Get noticed with sale, safety, and SMS notifications

When it comes to providing an immediate impact, sending an SMS alert is one of the best and most cost-effective tools available. Statistics prove that an SMS has a 98% open rate. Although there is no limitation to what type of SMS alert you can send, sales, safety, and notifications are the most commonly used services.

SMS Sale Alerts

Remember, your customers chose you for a reason. If you want them to stay and become all-star clients, you need to consistently show them that you can add value to their lives. Once your contact list is uploaded into SMS Fusion, you can send relevant and personalised SMS sale alerts to your clients within minutes.

Don't forget to use time to your advantage either. Take advantage of national holidays, since that's when customers are actively looking to make a purchase. Think about specific hours too. If the deal is juicy enough - send out a timed incentive which is only active for a specific time.

SMS Safety Alerts

In an emergency situation - SMS safety alerts are a relied upon to spread the news of possible catastrophes within seconds. When disaster strikes, a reliable internet connection will be hard to find. That's why organisations like the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center give locals the option to subscribe to SMS safety alerts.

SMS Notifications Alerts

Let's not forget about general SMS notifications alerts. These can be built in to any business or organisation through our SMS API. Common uses may include:

Our Clients

The Motley Fool (Financial Solutions)

The Motley Fool uses our SMS API to send their members SMS notifications, once stock market movement appears. Stocks can dip within seconds, that's why traders need every possible advantage they can get.

To stay ahead of their competition, the Motley Fool also uses our SMS customer support tool to respond to customers as fast as possible. Once they receive a website enquiry, an SMS is sent directly to one of their customer service representatives. That way, any enquiry, good or bad, will be resolved immediately. This keeps everyone happy.

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