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SMS Alerts

Keep Your Audience Engaged in the Most Unobtrusive, Helpful and Informative Manner Possible.

Surveys have shown that the vast majority of consumers prefer to receive updates and alerts about products and events via SMS over any other medium. The best way to capitalise on this acceptance and receptiveness is through SMS Alerts. There are many types of SMS Alerts and here are just a few.

SMS Spotlight Alerts

You already know what your customers like and have a good idea what they might like to try. So why not tell them when you have a great deal on that particular item they’ve been craving? The asking price for their dream house has just dropped to within their budget, they can now get two for one on their favourite bottle of wine if they order online or a new tennis racquet has finally been released that is perfectly suited to their game.

SMS Notifications

Keep your customers up to date about information they are genuinely interested in and will find useful. The latest currency exchange rates, the weather forecast for the day, today’s tide table, who’s playing footie this weekend, etc. You can even customise your notifications to send through our SMS API.

SMS Verifications

Put their minds at ease with a brief SMS message confirming their doctor’s appointment, they have accessed their online bank account correctly, their package is on it’s way and should arrive safely tomorrow morning.

Our Clients

The Motley Fool (Financial Solutions)

The Motley Fool uses our SMS API to send their members SMS notifications, once stock market movement appears. Stocks can dip within seconds, that's why traders need every possible advantage they can get.

To stay ahead of their competition, the Motley Fool also uses our SMS customer support tool to respond to customers as fast as possible. Once they receive a website enquiry, an SMS is sent directly to one of their customer service representatives. That way, any enquiry, good or bad, will be resolved immediately. This keeps everyone happy.

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