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SMS for Billing and Collections

Spend Less Time and Effort Chasing Payments

Not everyone who misses a payment deadline does it because they have no intention of paying. Oftentimes it’s simply an oversight, one that even our most loyal customers can make. In these cases, asking for payment via email can seem like too formal a demand and a phone call can get extremely uncomfortable. Why risk upsetting a solid customer when a gentle SMS reminder prior to the deadline date would have done the trick?

On the other hand, some customers really just don’t like paying. In these cases you may want to implement further steps with even earlier SMS alerts, SMS reminders and SMS notifications along the way.

SMS Automation Will Save You the Time and Effort

You don’t want to waste time you could be using to find new customers because you are chasing up delinquent customers. Let an automated SMS campaign do the work for you so you can focus your energies on more positive areas of your business.

Create an automated SMS collections campaign through our SMS Rest API or ask us about SMS AutoFusion to create even more complex, custom campaigns.

Our Clients

Penrith City Council (Government)

The Penrith City Council were sending their collection notices through email, but they were not getting the results they wanted. Often, the email recipients would claim that they did not receive a bill. As you could imagine, this created conflict on both sides. Once Penrith City Council switched their notices from email to SMS, all messages were now tracked. They could clearly see exactly when a message was delivered in their delivery reports. Failed deliveries would also be tracked, so they knew when to take alternative measures. Through the use of SMS reminders, recipients were no longer able to make an excuse. Notice payments have now increased significantly since making to switch to SMS.

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