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Event Management

Use SMS to promote and manage your business

Event planners are some of the most organised people on the planet. They manage to stay in control no matter how many moving parts surround their business. When it comes to crunch time, event planners trust a tool that has been around for decades - SMS. Event planners love using SMS, because it's quick, reliable, easily customisable, and very flexible.

How can SMS make things simple?

Since there are so many different elements involved in making an event a success, mis-communication can take valuable time away from your busy schedule. Tighten up your communications, by organising your teams into different group SMS chats. This allows you, and your team start an open line of communication, which encourages everyone to be more active. Switching between group SMS chats is easy with the help of custom SMS keywords.

It's easy to forget something in the heat of the moment too. That's why SMS reminders are available to make sure your staff members don't miss any deadlines. Unlike event managers, attendees are usually not the best at time management. Make sure your attendees doesn't don't get sidetracked by that wonderful exhibit you designed, by sending them an SMS reminder to make sure they reach their next destination on time. Make event management easy with the help of SMS.

Our Clients

Australian Securities Exchange (Stock Exchange)

The ASX run events in New York, Hong Kong, London and Singapore. They use our Quick SMS system to send SMS reminders to keynote speakers. This allows them to communicate with their guests quickly and efficiently.

With all the different sessions going on during event, it's easy to miss something important. That's why the ASX sends group SMS reminders to attendees, to make sure they don't miss their assigned sessions.

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