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SMS Ordering & Delivery

Provide peace of mind and build trust through SMS delivery updates

Is it just us, or do attention spans, tolerance levels and tests of patience all seem to be shortening? Maybe it just seems that way, but today’s consumer certainly demands immediacy. They want that online order they placed with you delivered to them now!

Or the next best thing, which is to keep them updated, in real time, as to exactly where their new purchase is at this very moment.

Nurturing New Relationships

Of course people understand there is a delivery time associated with their orders. Sometimes this can be fairly lengthy due to shipping requirements. But this also presents you with an opportunity to further build trust through transparency and interaction.

First Impressions

If your first communication with a customer after accepting their order is to tell them delivery of their goods will be delayed, they’ll, quite rightly, be rather annoyed. Keep them abreast of what is happening with their parcel while it’s wending its way to them. They should then be more understanding if stormy seas cause delays to the container ship docking in the port of Cartegena so, apologies, but their package will be a little late in arriving.

Trust & Transparency

SMS delivery updates are the perfect way to do this. They also allow you to build trust with new customers through additional, relevant bits and pieces of information you might be able to tell them about whatever it is they have just bought from you. Tips on how to properly care for and maintain their new gadget or just a reminder that there is a 1 year warranty, so be careful not to throw away the certificate with the packaging.

You may also want to suggest a few supplementary products that will compliment their new purchase perfectly. Especially as these items just happen to be on sale at this very moment!

Our Clients

Fast Way Couriers (Delivery Distribution)

When a customer is not home, they usually receive a delivery slip inside their mailbox or tapped on their door. Although this process works well in theory, there is plenty of room for error. Slips often get lost, and cause confusion. Once a slip is lost, the customer has to backtrack, find who their courier was, and call in during inconvenient business hours. This avoidable situation wastes time on the customer side, and money on the business side. At Fast Way, once a package is delivered, the customer will receive an SMS notification. This SMS notification will contain all the details needed to reschedule the delivery, thus making the process as easy as possible.

It's important to note that sometimes your client may not have reception, that's why we let you know whether or not your SMS was successfully received. From here, you can arrange a re-assign the delivery for another day if your client cannot be reached.

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