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SMS Reminders

For general reminders, appointments and reservations

With the growing popularity of mobile applications, and digital accessories - catching someone's attention has never been more difficult. There are two extremes: to do as much as you possibly can, or to do as little as you possibly can. Thankfully, SMS reminders allow you and your clients to do both.

Scenario One

Through SMS reminders you can appeal to the corporate hero, by giving them that extra nudge. If Big Wig Bob has an appointment at 6pm on Wednesday, you should send him a confirmation the day before, along with a reminder an hour before the actual appointment. He's a busy guy, so make sure he knows you're waiting for him by sending an simple, yet very powerful SMS reminder.

Scenario Two

When it comes to Lazy Lucy, she wants to do the least amount of work to make an appointment. That's why you should send her a personalised text like our demo to the right. It takes just one simple SMS with a keyword trigger, allowing her to book an appointment. Now, set an SMS reminder for the day of - and both you and Lucy will be feeling fantastic. Make your process even easier by adding our SMS automation tool - the Sequencer into the mix.

Our Clients

Simply Smiles Dental (Dental)

Dentists can now fill in their appointments faster than ever, by providing a seamless and non-intrusive way of reaching their clients with SMS reminders. In Simply Smile's case, they have added an extra level of service by combining SMS reminders with email. Through a virtual number, Simply Smile was able to process SMS responses and forward them to email. Their receptionists were then able to reply to those emails, and have their email replies sent back as text messages.

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