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SMS Reminders

Improve your show ratio in no time. All it takes is a polite reminder.

How many times have you forgotten about a Dr or a dentist’s appointment and had to call in and reschedule? Or did that meeting you scheduled last week for first thing this morning completely slip your mind?

We’ve all done it and had it done to us. We don’t mean to be rude, but sometimes our hectic schedules mean things just pile up and our priorities suddenly shift. But how helpful would a simple SMS message reminder have been to jog our memories?

You’d have made it to your check up this afternoon because you received an SMS reminder from the clinic this morning. And your dinner reservation tonight won’t go to waste because the restaurant reminded you about that booking you made ages ago via another SMS just this afternoon.

Fact, Not Fallacy

And we’re not just positing this as mere speculation. We have unequivocally proven the effectiveness of SMS reminder messages in practice here at our own SMS Fusion offices. By simply sending out simple, polite reminder messages, we increased our show ratio for screen share demonstrations by over 40% within just a couple of weeks.

More Than Just A Reminder

You can, of course, do so much more than simply “remind” people about an event with your reminder messages. You can prompt your customer to actually make an appointment and then add a link to allow them to schedule their reservation on the spot, while it is foremost in their mind. Or you can add a keyword so they can simply reply to confirm they are still good to go.


How does that old Bee Gees song go - “Don’t forget to remember me?” So what’s the best way to remind yourself to send out your reminder messages? Well, it’s simple - Automate them. Our automation tool, AutoFusion, will make sure you don’t forget anybody and everybody remembers you by sending your messages out on time for you.

Our Clients

Simply Smiles Dental (Dental)

Dentists can now fill in their appointments faster than ever, by providing a seamless and non-intrusive way of reaching their clients with SMS reminders. In Simply Smile's case, they have added an extra level of service by combining SMS reminders with email. Through a virtual number, Simply Smile was able to process SMS responses and forward them to email. Their receptionists were then able to reply to those emails, and have their email replies sent back as text messages.

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